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Natural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve

Natural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve

Feel comfortable in your own skin again

Natural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve

Natural Findings DermaClear Stops Itching, Relieves Pain, Heals Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and we take it for granted—until it comes under attack. There are many types of skin irritations that cause moderate to severe itching or pain, or both. DermaClear, the amazing new skin repair salve from Natural Findings brings comfort, relief and more—it brings healing. That’s why we put the word “Repair” is in the name.
Derma Clear has proven to be effective against:
• Shingles • Eczema • Insect Bites
• Psoriasis • Jock Itch • Stings
• Allergic Rash • Surface Burns • Poison Ivy
• And Much More

Real Relief Is on the WayNatural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve

DermaClear stops itching within seconds. This all-natural product brings tremendous relief to shingles sufferers, who report being able to sleep for the first time since the disease’s onset. It eliminates the crusty white psoriasis and starts restoring the skin within just a few days of daily use. DermaClear helps draw out and dry up discharges in rashes, and, for all these conditions, it soothes, hastens healing, lessens scarring and helps prevent neuropathy.

Shingles Skin Repair Salve

Yes, Even Shingles

Shingles sufferers report that soothing DermaClear salve reduces the pain, “fire” and itching, helps heal the sores, shortens the length of time of the illness, reduces scarring, helps prevent neuropathy and helps prevent recurrence. DermaClear nourishes skin with healing minerals and makes sleep possible.

The Secret of the “Clay”

Calcium Montmorillonite/Calcium Bentonite clay is the main ingredient. The Secret Clay DermaClear Skin Repair SalveIt feels good when you put it on! Cooling and soothing, the clay penetrates pores and other open areas of the skin and pulls out toxins and inflammation. The homeopathics (a proprietary blend of 30C homeopathics to combat trauma,Bentonite Clay rash, pain, itching, scarring and nerve damage) address the root causes and assist in bringing even deeper toxins to the surface for the clay to pull out.

Natural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve

DermaClear Is User-Friendly

Apply DermaClear to affected areas as needed (at least once a day). It comes in a fairly concentrated and thick form; many people prefer it this way, but you can dilute the salve with spring water to whatever consistency feels right for you. Do not cover with bandages. It’s okay to cover with clothing, but let the salve dry first. Wear natural fabrics next to affected skin such as soft cotton, not synthetic fabrics such as polyester. For best results, remove the old layer of DermaClear before adding a fresh layer; sponge-bathe/blot it off, but don’t use soap. Blot dry or allow your skin to air dry. It’s also okay to apply the new layer of DermaClear Some people are in too much pain (for example, in cases of shingles) to rinse off a layer of DermaClear salve before putting on a new layer, and that is okay. If you want to leave the clay on and just add a new layer as needed, it will still work and won’t hurt you. Do start rinsing it off when you can, though, to facilitate cleanliness. It is recommended that you not use soap or other products on affected skin while you are using DermaClear. Stop use if condition doesn’t improve within seven days, or if redness, irritation or other new symptoms develop or increase. Store in a cool, dark place, away from scents and electronics such as computers and cell phones. Store as directed, there is no expiration date on this product. If it dries out, just add spring water and stir. It is okay if the salve is lumpy.

So Much More Than Skin Deep

If you’ve ever suffered from psoriasis, eczema, shingles or even the more common, Natural Findings DermaClear Skin Repair Salve
everyday skin irritations like poison ivy, stings, minor burns, jock itch or various rashes—you know how difficult and frustrating they can be to treat. You may have also struggled with trying to clear up a “hot spot” on your pet’s skin. It may be time for an amazing all-natural solution: the soothing, deep relief of DermaClear All-Natural Skin Repair Salve. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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