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Who Needs GMO Anyway?

August 05, 2015

It seems like every week there is some news about the way farms are becoming bigger and more mechanistic. Now we're starting to call them food factories, and that doesn't sound good. On top of everything else, the debate over people’s right to know about the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their food is the proverbial elephant in the living room. Fortunately, Natural Findings Green Powder doesn't use them.

Natural Findings Green Power

There are arguments for and against GMOs, and both have some points to make. The proponents cite increased production and reduced cost of feeding impoverished nations as the driving force behind GMO use and point out that traditional crossbred hybrids are nothing more than a slower method of doing the same thing. However, Luther Burbank might have spent his days grafting two different kinds of fruit trees together, but he never tried to share chromosomes between a cornstalk and a bacteria! He would have liked Natural Findings Green Powder.

GMO opponents claim that dangerous chemicals are used in the GMO process and that the purpose of the whole idea is to be able to use more deadly pesticides that the same companies happen to sell. Those same outfits are also trying to take over the seed business, but that’s another story.

Non-GMO Ingredients - Shop Natural Findings

Natural Findings Green Powder is made with 70 percent organic ingredients from certified organic growers. It contains no grains, legumes, added sugar or alfalfa filler—just cold-processed barley and wheat grasses, with three times the chlorophyll of other products, organic spirulina superfood, chlorella algae, organic stinging nettle, grape seed and sprouts of kale, broccoli and cauliflower.

The ingredients found in Natural Findings Green Powder are harvested at the peak of potency, concentrated and dried using a proprietary cool-temperature process that preserves their energetic and nutritional integrity. Even the packaging is designed to protect Green Powder from damaging light, oxygen and moisture after bottling.

No matter which side of the debate we believe today, a certain fact is that because it’s a relatively new procedure, GMO has not been the subject of any really long-term studies of its effect on plants, animals, the environment or man. Heck, doctors where handing out thalidomide like candy in the 1950s as popular sleep aids—until the misshapen, mutated babies started being born. Much as Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle precipitated the passing of pure food and drug laws, thalidomide prompted the formation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As a nation, we don’t seem too bright sometimes.

In the end, GMO is probably neither Dr. Frankenstein’s monster nor a panacea for world hunger, only time will tell. Meanwhile, mandatory labeling is an uphill battle, so it’s nice to know that some companies and their products, like Natural Findings Green Powder , will always proclaim loudly right on the label that they are GMO-free and intend to stay that way.

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Natural Findings Green Powder

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